Albion was founded in 2002 by Jason Goodman, in Shoreditch in East London. We’ve always specialised in using creativity to reinvent businesses. But we constantly evolve our approach to keep pace with a rapidly changing market.




For our first decade we shaped the propositions, brands and marketing of some of the most successful VC-backed startups in London, partnering with Innocent, Skype, Betfair, Zoopla and King from beta to IPO.

Today we also work with established businesses who want to innovate like the fast-growth businesses trying to disrupt them. For example, we helped conceive and incubate the ‘corporate startups’ giffgaff for O2 Telefonica and Quotemehappy for Aviva, building out their propositions, developing their core product, acquiring their first customers, and ultimately scaling their marketing.

We now work with CEOs, CDOs, COOs and CMOs to develop new business strategies, and then collaborate with their teams to make them happen.



Our leadership team



Glyn Britton
Chief Strategy Officer


Jenny Burns
Chief Executive Officer


Adam Lawrenson
Executive Creative Director


Our charity


The Startup Kitchen is a charity, founded and supported by Albion, that pairs ambitious young founders with proven successful entrepreneurs, advisors and business experts for 1-1 mentoring and masterclasses.



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