We helped a Berlin-based tech company to create Ada, a new global healthcare business, powered by a partnership between doctors and AI.


Insight, strategy, branding, product innovation and capability building.




When we started working with the healthtech business that would become Ada, they had been in startup mode for 8 years, developing their diagnostic reasoning engine. They’d been trying to go-to-market as a business-to-business offer but we helped them to develop a consumer brand, product experience and marketing approach that quickly started to gain traction.


It’s well understood that the global healthcare system is being stretched to breaking point by an unstoppable demographic shift, systemic underfunding, lagging technology adoption, misplaced bureaucracy, and a growing reliance on self-diagnosis. This well documented pattern of events has created the perfect breeding ground for disruptive healthcare businesses.

However many of those businesses are failing because they expect new behaviours from customers and doctors - which are always nearly impossible to create, let alone in a category that is literally ‘life or death’, and with very deep cultural norms that differ enormously across regions.




We partnered with chartered psychologists to carry out research across cultural divides to understand not what patients say they do, but what they actually do (and why). This gave us a set of ‘highest common factors’ on which we could base a global brand.




One key principle from the start was using AI to enhance, not replace, the doctor consultation. An Ada probabilistic diagnosis in advance means that a doctor can deliver much more value in their increasingly time-pressured consultation.

Using our insight and principles we then built out four competing futures for the business - four different visions for how brand architecture, product proposition, user interface metaphor, visual identity and name could be realised.




We then used research testing to understand the customer and commercial opportunity for each, but also listened to the company and what it’s people wanted to do, where their passion lay, to find the right way forward.




With a blended client-agency team working on the brand, experience, and technology in parallel we were able to build a working prototype of the conversational interface inside two weeks. There then followed a series of sprints, testing with real patients every step of the way, to iterate both the AI and the UI in harmony to create the ideal patient experience.




Ada is now available globally (on both Android and iOS) and has completed over 5 million assessments to date, helping save time, worry and even lives.

Ada was one of Europe’s fastest growing medical apps in 2017, has been the top ranking free medical app in the App Store in over 130 countries, and has been featured as the best medical app in both the Canadian and US App Stores.

In 2017 Ada won a silver Innovation Lion at the Cannes Festival of Creativity alongside awards from Fast Company, Webby, and Clio.



Most recently we’ve been working with Ada on extending and enhancing their product experience whilst developing new commercial models.


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