We’re working with the UK’s leading insurance price comparison website to help them transform from a once-a-year website to indispensable household service.


Insight, strategy, branding, product innovation, marketing and capability building.




When we started working with Compare the Market in 2013 they were already the leading price comparison website in the UK, and were growing strongly. Thanks, in large part, to their bold investment in the brilliant meerkat advertising campaign and toy reward scheme.

But they were enlightened enough to know that advertising wasn’t enough to maintain that lead in the modern era. We’ve worked with them to create new products, new brands, new marketing models, and new ways of working to make progress towards this vision.

We worked with Compare the Market’s exec team to help them understand what the threat from venture-backed ‘insurtech’ startups would be, and how they could play to their strengths to respond to it.


We worked with them to develop a vision of the kind of business they would become, and the changes they’d need to make to their organisation to enable it. We developed a market-level customer segmentation using the Jobs To Be Done framework, and used this to help Compare the Market’s product teams develop a customer-led approach to product strategy and planning.



We have worked with their car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and energy teams to evolve their existing product experiences or to develop entirely new propositions.



Simples was an ‘insurance concierge’ that stored secure digital copies of all your insurance policies (whether you bought them through Compare the Market or not) so you could access them wherever you were. It used machine learning to translate them into bite-sized information, and then made them searchable and accessible via an SMS chatbot.




It was designed and built by a cross-disciplinary, co-located client-agency team and went to market as a beta to hundreds of thousands of users. The Simples functionality has now ‘graduated’ to be part of the customer account section on comparethemarket.com




Snapt was the first new product we developed with a joint Compare the Market and Albion team, which helped customers find a new energy provider by simply snapping a photo of their current bill.




We worked collaboratively with Compare the Market and their agency partners VCCP and MEC to design their new loyalty scheme Meerkat Movies. We then spun up a joint client-agency product team to design, test, build and take to market the new app.




When we started working with Compare the Market they had the culture and organisation of a risk averse insurance company. We’ve helped them transform how they work, introducing the structure and the ways of working of a tech company, and so accelerating the pace of product development.



In November 2017 BGL (Compare the Market's parent company) sold a 30% stake to Canadian investor CPPIB, valuing the business at £2.2bn, thanks to their capabilities in "data, digital and marketing".


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