We’re working with the UK’s leading insurance price comparison website to help them transform their business model from a once-a-year website to indispensable household concierge. 

When we started working with Comparethemarket.com in 2013 they were already the leading price comparison website in the UK, and were growing strongly. Thanks, in large part, to their bold investment in the brilliant meerkat advertising campaign and toy reward series.

But they were enlightened enough to know that this wasn’t enough to maintain that lead in the modern era. They knew they had to start to transform their customer experience to be more distinctive, their customer relationship to be more frequent and loyal, and their business model to move beyond car insurance lead generation.

In the last three years we’ve worked with them to create new products, new brands, new marketing models, and new ways of working to take bold leaps towards this vision.




Simples is an entirely new digital service that transforms Compare the Market’s relationship with customers.

It’s an ‘insurance concierge’ that stores secure digital copies of all your insurance policies (whether you bought them through Compare the Market or not) so you can access them wherever you are. It uses AI to translate them into bite-sized information, and then makes them searchable and accessible via an SMS chatbot.

It was designed and built by a cross-disciplinary, co-located client-agency team and is currently in beta at my.simples.uk.com.


The first new product we developed in a joint CtM and Albion team was Snapt, which helped customers find a new energy provider by simply snapping a photo of their current bill.

Meerkat Movies

We worked collaboratively with CtM and their agency partners VCCP and MEC to design their new loyalty scheme Meerkat Movies. We then spun up a joint client-agency product team to design, test, build and take to market the new app. 

Content Hub

The Comparethemarket.com website was entirely functional, and that wasn’t great for SEO. We helped them develop a content marketing model and operation, and designed and built a content hub that saw them climb back up the search engine rankings.



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