Albion team join Fluxx

Laddering up several BAU projects to drive strategic change


Compare the Market



New business strategy adopted


BAU projects delivering short-term value


Increase in business value over the course of our relationship


“I hired Albion as they could help us both explore the future of our category and also improve the performance of our products in the short term.”

Paul Galligan,
ex-Managing Director
Compare the Market


We worked with the UK’s leading insurance price comparison website to help them transform from a once-a-year website to an indispensable household service.

We worked with their Exec to develop a new vision and strategy that could increase average products held, and reduce their exposure to ever-more expensive brand and search advertising.


We then worked across the business—across departments, and across products—to help their teams make practical steps towards this vision, that would also help meet quarterly commercial targets.

We streamlined some product journeys, reinvented others around new customer insight, and spun up new cross-department teams to create new digital services.


We collaborated on 182 projects across 5 years, that were carefully designed to each add short term value, but also add up sustainable change in how the businesses organises itself around customers and has accelerated the pace of delivery.

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