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No. 1

The no.1 free health app in 130 countries

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A new assessment every 4 seconds

5 million+

More than 5 million assessments to date


It was amazing to find a partner who could help us with the long-term strategy - architecture, user experience and brand - as well as the short-term necessity of getting a product in market as soon as possible.

Daniel Nathrath,
Co-founder and CEO,
Ada Health


We worked with the 8 year old German technology company to help them take the AI-powered diagnosis engine from their existing doctor-facing tool, and develop a new global consumer product around it.

We helped them understand their future consumers’ needs, both spoken and unspoken, across global markets and very different healthcare cultures.


We built a blended team, working across Berlin and London, to prototype, test, iterate from concept to a product live in app stores around the a world.

Together we refined the experience and go-to-market approach until Ada became the no.1 most downloaded free health app in 130 countries.

We helped them develop ideas for partnerships and business models to deliver value back to their investors, and expand their customer relationship beyond diagnosis.