Albion team join Fluxx

Using M&A as a catalyst for sustainable change





Merger savings target achieved one year earlier than planned


Increase in employee engagement


Increase in FA brand recognition


“We worked in partnership with Albion to create a beacon brand with a social purpose at its core. This was vital in motivating our people and safeguarding our business through the merger process. The Just Makers were and remain integral in driving change in our business.”

Rodney Cook,
Group CEO,
Just Group PLC


A regulatory disruption in the retirement income market had forced a merger between two rivals. In the midst of this uncertainty, we helped them see the opportunity to create something new.

We worked with the Exec team to uncover and unite around a social purpose—to create a fair, secure and fulfilling retirement for everyone.


We empowered a team of ‘influencers’ across the two organisations to help shape how this would be expressed, from the name (Just) and the bold visual identity, through to designing the launch—culminating in a whole company event at the Brighton Centre.

Through this team we were able not only to bring the brand to life throughout the organisation, from the call centres to the finance team, but also help set up an Innovation lab that could develop the nascent ideas into real consumer products.


As well as delivering the £40m per annum savings target one year earlier than planned, Just Group's share price increased around 23% over the 6 months after the merger. In addition, people attrition was much lower than anticipated.