Role —
Junior Strategist


About the role

As an entry level Strategist you’ll be focussed on developing excellent craft skills, while also starting to understand how to work within our unique cross disciplinary, rapidly iterating ‘accelerator’ teams.


What we’re looking for

  • Someone who is able to work ‘live’ in cross-disciplinary teams with consultants and designers. There’s no ‘strategy phase’ in our process

  • Whip smart, but can simplify the complex and talk like a human being

  • Has the EQ and empathy to put themselves in others’ shoes

  • Able to ‘get’ people, organisations, culture, pop culture

  • Ability to think laterally, making connections between hitherto unconnected ideas

  • Able to quickly change gears from big picture to important detail

  • Highly likely to come from a hybrid background, having not quite found what they were looking for in a client, startup, agency or consultancy role

  • Interested enough to be able to work across commercial, company and customer strategy

  • Fit with our culture, namely:

    • Rolling our sleeves up and working side by side with clients, fast and lean, and focussed on momentum

    • Making creative leaps, working collaboratively, focussing on momentum and helping clients learn through doing

    • And as it once said on our website….."Albionites are a rare combination of system thinkers who are also empathetic and creative. They’re ambitious but humble. Fast but thoughtful. Creative but commercial. They have zero tolerance for bullshit and care about the bigger picture."

  • Fascinated by and curious about business innovation and new ways of working

  • Digital by default, and entrepreneurial hustle, of course


Day-to-day responsibilities

  • Work in cross-disciplinary teams with other strategists, consultants, designers and creatives, often in collaboration with client's developers and analysts, to design and deliver new offers to market

  • Be a key point of contact for junior clients

  • Help to design and facilitate client workshops

  • Lead interview programmes with stakeholders (clients, customers, influencers, regulators)

  • Design, manage and analyse qual and quant research programmes

  • Help develop customer Jobs To Be Done

  • Lead competitor and comparator audits and market data analysis

  • Help make concise and persuasive presentations that galvanize teams to take action

  • Understand and deploy the Albion OS, suggesting improvements


How to apply

If you’re interested in this role, please send your CV and a little bit about yourself to our Strategy Director: