Identifying the problem

Lack of access. Misdiagnosis. Longer waiting times and shorter visits with your doctor are all signs of a system at breaking point. Access to health information online has never been higher. Yet, our confidence and trust in this information, never lower.

Where typically rare diseases could take 7 years to diagnose, Ada has been able to support such a diagnoses in minutes. We knew we had to make the benefits of this new technology clear, while understanding the complex emotional concerns people would have trusting it. From the way Ada looked to the smallest of UI interactions, it had to feel 'right'.


The technology

The AI that underpins Ada was developed by Berlin based med-tech company Ada Health to help support doctors in their assessments. While doctors typically rely on what is most common, Ada uses complex Bayesian networks to mathematically map and analyse symptoms and their relationships.

A team of over 20 medical professionals have spent years training this system to recognise the complex make-ups of rare illnesses and cancers.

Using this as the foundation, we then developed a natural feeling messaging interface that balances a brand personality and experience that allowed consumers to open up and relate to Ada as if it were a real medical professional. The latest version of the medical app includes the diagnosis engine and personal health record with symptom tracking.


Brand & experience

In order to be more than just a clever technology the interaction with Ada had to be like visiting a good doctor – reflecting the seriousness of your medical health, empathetic to your needs and thoroughly professional.

To meet these needs, we created a living, breathing brand and product experience that reacts, responds and visually communicates with its users. Using friendly conversations, founded in medical precision, Ada reassures users and helps build trust.

The conversational UI has been crafted and tested to create familiarity and trust, while the visual identity is inspired by shapes from the human genome, using light colours to reflect the calm, assured tonality and subtle movement providing a sense of responsiveness that humanises the smart AI that powers it.