About KBS Albion

We bring together nimble, multi-disciplinary teams focussed on the outcomes of purpose, change and growth. As part of that journey we co-create people-shaped brands, products, services, marketing and ventures that will take our clients’ businesses on their next big adventure.

We strongly believe diverse teams help us make better products, so we actively hire for cultural growth, welcoming people of all ages, stories and backgrounds. We listen, we’re open to all and we believe in what we do.


Principles and practises

We kickstart change on a human level

We believe change happens from the inside out. That’s why we put people at the centre of everything we do. We work hard to understand our own people’s strengths, our clients, their teams, customers and the business at large.

We're nimble and relentless

We always maintain a critical mass. Identifying the right number of people to crack a specific problem helps us work at pace and focus on making meaningful steps forward. We pull in specialist expertise when the time is right and only for as long as required.

We're a crack team of doers

We’re a dedicated group of passionate, experienced people. We trust in each other to make things better than we ever could alone, we share client relationship responsibilities, we create healthy competition amongst one another, and aren’t ever possessive about our ideas.

We're pragmatic about our creativity

We use making as thinking. We’re always looking to take the next step, which reveals more about where we’re going than sitting still ever will. We think big, start small, scale fast—and never do things simply for the sake of it.

We're not scared of the dark

We treat mistakes with curiosity. We work outside our comfort zone and aren’t afraid of pursuing hunches or making intuitive leaps to get to a hypothesis quickly. That’s why ‘Can you help me?’ and ‘I don’t know’ are core to us making meaningful progress.


Active Hires

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Product Design Lead

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Programme Lead

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